Customized solutions that are tailored to our customers' requirements are an important part of our business. Our profound experience in the development of radio / wireless products generates a win-win situation for all involved parties.
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Having used an omnidirectional antenna in your wireless or radio system, you may have experienced some major drawbacks: mediocre range, interference with neighbourhood systems (in terms of frequency or in the spatial domain) and being "seen" when you don't necessarily want to be seen. These are just some typical issues that may have arisen.

By using our KARsys beam steering technology, we can help you redesign your system such, that these issues are either removed or at least minimized.

Based on our scalable KARsys platform, we can offer semi- and full custom product designs for the frequency band and antenna gain that you require. The KARsys  antennas can even be adapted to the mechnical shape that you require, e.g. they can be integrated into the fuselage or wing of an aircraft, or in the body or roof of a vehicle. Even several panels per vehicle can be used, in order to optimize the angle w.r.t. the horizon in applications that require a very large steering angle.

As a perfect complement to the VITES SATCOM system solutions, we can offer IABG's Teleport services as fully licensed re-seller. As such, we're acting as a turn key SATCOM service provider and can offer you a tailored package that also considers very distinct requirements that you may have. Our experienced SATCOM specialists will consult you.
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