Wireless Systems with electronic beam steering

VITES Ku Tile1 cutret small Adaptive radio beam steering / beam forming is the solution to today's challenge of having to transmit broadband radio signals over a medium to long range in SATCOM, mobile, more

enterprise, nomadic or ad-hoc networking applications. In contrast to legacy mechanically steered antennas, the KARsys technology from VITES provides a solid state solution which neither requires moving mechanics nor motors and thus is maintenance free and easy to install. It is leightweight and therefore doesn't cause any mechanical stress on the structure it is mounted to. Read more about beam steering technology here.

VITES products based on the KARsys technology represent a quantum leap for adaptive radio beam steering equipment. With its flat phased array antenna panels and the modular and scalable architecture, a huge variety of applications can be covered. Radio systems equipped with KARsystechnology from VITES offer a large amount of features and benefits:  

  • Very compact systems that integrate antenna and radio modem into one device
  • Mechanically very slim setup
  • Customizable to any frequency, ideally in the bands above 1 GHz
  • Scalable antenna panels and associated signal processing, depending on required gain
  • Modular setup, for more gain, additional panel segments can be added
  • The panels can be adapted to the shape of the structure they shall be mounted to
  • Panels segments can be mounted mechanically distributed in order to optimize the possible beam angles
  • Cost and power efficient solutions
  • Digital beam forming signal processing allows for the compensation of unwanted effects e.g. due to variation of ambient temperature